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Foundation for Jewish Life in Mainz


 Graphic: Model of the new synagogue

Model of the new synagogue and community centre by architect Manuel Herz  

Photo: Old Synagogue

 New Main Synagogue in Hindenburgstreet, inaugurated in 1912

Photo: Old Synagogue

Old Synagogue from 1853

It is our historic duty

to build a new synagogue

in Mainz


We need your support!


Jewish Community in Mainz

The Jewish Community in Mainz is one of the oldest in Europe, its tradition long and venerable. Its beginnings reach back to the 10th century when Rabbis such as Gerschom ben Jehuda (960 - 1028 or 1040) taught in Mainz. He founded a Talmud academy which was to become a widely renowned centre of Jewish scholarship and heritage. Scholars such as the arguably most famous of commentators on the Bible and the Talmud, Shlomo bar Isaak, known as Rashi, (1040-1105), studied and taught in Mainz. It was due to their work that MAGENZA, the Hebrew name for Mainz, became a synonymous with Jewish learning and academic life.

Except for brief disruptions, Jewish families have lived in Mainz for at least one thousand years. Their history, both splendid and painful, has been documented extensively.

Before November 1938, the Jewish Community in Mainz had two august places of worship: the Moorish-style synagogue built in 1879 and the classicist-style synagogue built in 1912. Additionally, there was a "Stibl", a smaller place of worship for immigrants from Eastern Jewish communities, located at Margaretengasse. The first synagogue had been erected on the basis of plans provided by the still omnipresent master builder of Mainz, Eduard Kreyßig. It was located on Flachsmarkstrasse, and served as the place of worship for the orthodox members of the community. The second synagogue was an impressive, domed structure erected on Hindenburgstrasse; this was the place of worship of the liberal members of the community. The services were accompanied by organ music.

None of the earlier existing synagogues in Mainz survived the Shoah (Holocaust).


We need your support!


MAGENZA is dedicated to the promotion of Jewish life as well as the preservation of Jewish traditions in Mainz. The foundation's main purpose is to build and maintain a synagogue and a centre for the Jewish Community of Mainz (KdöR).

The proceeds of the foundation are to guarantee the operation and maintenance of the synagogue and the community centre on a sustained basis.

The success of MAGENZA depends on the willingness of dedicated citizens to support the foundation's projects financially, either with individual donations or by becoming members, thereby increasing the foundation's capital.

If you wish to contribute to our projects:

MAGENZA Stiftung
Deutsche Bank Mainz
BLZ 550 700 40
Account: 0599 910

IBAN: DE57 5507 0040 0059 9910 00

All contributions to the foundation's capital and all donations are tax-deducible.




Photo: Kurt Beck

Kurt Beck

Prime Minister of Rhineland-Palatinate
"Please contribute with your donation to the building of a New Synagogue in our state capital."

Foto: Jens Beutel

Jens Beutel

First Mayor of Mainz
"Please help, so that our city will get a new synagogue and so that we can preserve the great tradition of the Jewish Community of Mainz which is renowned all over the world".


Board of Directors

Gerhard Kopf (Certified Accountant)

Administrative Board

Dr. Christl Blank
Michael Hartmann MdB
Prof. Dr. Andreas Lehnardt
Franz Ringhoffer
Stella Schindler-Siegreich
Dr. Peter Waldmann 
Axel H. Voigt 


Advisory Board

The Advisory Board consists of the founding members of the Foundation. 



"A New Synagogue for Mainz"

The Foundation MAGENZA has been initiated by the association "A New Synagogue for Mainz".

By hosting events and raising funds, the association supports the Jewish Community of Mainz in its efforts to built a new synagogue both financially and otherwise.

All donations collected by the association go into the building of the synagogue.

"A New Synagogue for Mainz e. V." has been officially recognized as a non-profit association serving religious purposes and has permission to issue tax-deductible contribution receipts.

By becoming a member you can express your solidarity with the project of building a new synagogue in Mainz.

Address of the Association

Axel H. Voigt - Director
Burgweg 3 A
55294 Bodenheim

Phone: +49 6135 - 707707
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It is our historic duty to build a new synagogue in Mainz. We need your support.

Foundation for
Jewish Life in Mainz


MAGENZA - Foundation for
Jewish Life in Mainz

Gerhard Kopf (Certified Accountant)

c/o Dr. Dornbach Revision GmbH
Binger Strasse 17
55116 Mainz

Phone +49-6131 - 2 04 78 16
Fax +49-6131 - 2 04 78 48

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